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To all those who turned up for the group ride today, thank for allowing me to disrupt your morning preparations with the faff of a photo shoot. It was particularly interesting to see how a previously empty road became busier than the M25 as soon as you all started to roll out.

New Website

We have been busy re-designing the old website: restoring the good; knocking through some walls; putting in an extension or two and, if you are reading this, the website is now well and truly open to the public.

Members’ Area

There is a new Members’ Area on the website, and I will be sending out passwords to members over the next week or so. Here, you can:

  • View and upload your profile
  • Download GPX files of our most popular Sunday rides
  • View past results
  • See member specific news not available in the public facing site
Feedback and content

This is your website, so should provide you with all the information you need about the club, so, if you have any feedback or would like some content added to the site, email

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