Our Rides

The questions you have about the types of rides we organise are, in all probability, burning. But fear not, laid out beneath you are some FAQs about our Sunday Rides which should provide you with an appropriate hit of knowledge.

Group Ride FAQs
What groups go out on a Sunday?

A summary of the groups and levels of riding can be found on our Sunday rides page.

When do the rides take place?

With the exception of the Early Birds, our rides roll out at 9am on Sundays. Please arrive at around 8:45am to be ready to hit the road.

The Early Bird Rides are also on a Sunday, but they are at the earlier time of 7am.

Please note: the Novice/Newcomer and Women Only rides currently run once a month only (see above).

Where do the rides start and finish ?

Most of our rides start from Rose Lane Car Park Billericay, around the back of Iceland.

Although they return to their respective start points, if you would like to peel off early, let the rider leader know.

How long do the rides last for?

Depending on the ride, about three to four hours. You should also account for weather conditions; mechanicals; abilities of the riders and cafe stops.

How many attend the Sunday rides?

Around 80 people attend all the ride groups.

Do you stop for refreshments?

Check with the ride leader before you set off, but most rides will involve a café somewhere along the route.

Should I eat before the ride?

Yes. It’s good to have some food inside you beforehand.

What sort of bike do I need?

Any road bike with which you are familiar with and comfortable on for the ride you are planning to do.

Hybrid bikes are okay for the Newcomer/Novice and Women Only rides.

Do I need any money?

It is a good idea not only to take some cards with you, but also have some small change just in case.

What do I need to do before the ride?

Check your bike is in good working order. Your brakes should brake, your gears should shift smoothly and your tyres should be inflated correctly and in good condition.

You should remember to pack a spare inner tube and bring a pump and tyre levers.

You must wear a helmet to go on one of our rides.

In winter, you will also need to fit mudguards and lights.

What sort of clothing do I need?

Cycling specific clothing is the best thing to wear when riding, however, as long as your apparel isn’t overly baggy and likely to get caught in moving parts, any sportswear is appropriate.

You should take note of the expected weather conditions and layer up accordingly. It is best to expect the worse and overdress than to expect the best and end up becoming an icicle in the middle of nowhere. Extra layers can always be removed and carried if necessary.

Obviously, the best cycle clothing is Essex Roads Kit. Find out how to get your own here.

When don’t you go out?

When it’s very windy, during heavy rain or when, during winter it’s likely to be slippery or heavy fog.

Do you ride on main roads only?

We try and get on to country lanes as much as possible. Ride leaders tend to know where they are going, so stick to the smoothest, nicest and prettiest routes available.

How far do I need to be able to cycle before I come out with ERCC?

You should be confident to ride the distance and speed of the ride you propose to do, see here.

How much does it cost to join ERCC?

All of our prices can be found on our membership pages.

Can I ride wearing headphones?

No, ERCC does not permit wearing of headphones whilst riding on club rides.

I am new to group riding. Do you have any tips?

We have published the ERCC Guide to Group Riding & Safety Tips.

We recommend that you have a look through this, however, our experienced ride leaders will guide you through riding in a group over time.