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Our new 4 for 24 longer group rides offer an opportunity for all club members, regardless of speed or ability, to get together and ride, socialise and generally have fun with other riders in the club, some of whom they may not necessarily see on our usual Sunday club rides.

  1. Dave O'Carroll
    Dave O'Carroll

    Once you’ve been added to the Strava club, we’ll send you a follow request so we can see your Strava profile. Obviously we will need to know that you are actually a member of Essex Roads, so let us know who you are if your Strava Tag is anonymised in any way.

    If you could email me your Strava moving time and mileage immediately after each event using this format in the subject line: –

    [Name] : [Moving Time] : [Mileage] and a screenshot of the same info in the message body

    It’ll allow for a quick compilation of information and speedy publication.


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