Sunday snapshot

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So many rides spread across both the UK and the sunshine Isle of Majorca this weekend, I’ve had to increase the number of hours in a day to 48! Most surprising though, possibly due to the absence of a certain Miss Whiplash today, was IMG chosing to go on the missing list. No amount of hourly manipulation is going to help them – and they’re going to be in so much trouble when she comes back 😱

Recovery & Social had yet another first date at Lynn’s cafe, Rob travelled up North to a place where proper tea is brewed, Touring group continued their post excursion closeness with a chain gang effort to Sawbridgeworth, picking up the speediest club ride award in the process, and AMG split ranks with 5 going to Tiptree in some latter day Enid Blyton adventure, and their other half going their separate ways in the Balearics!

There’s either been a massive falling out over there, or Mark is worried he hasn’t done enough climbing this week? Can’t think why he thinks he needs so much data…🤔


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